Each year the festival will focus on a different culture and will be divided into 3 general sections:

Learning more about the culture
through documentaries, lectures,
readings, exhibitions, artistic and
theatrical workshops...
Enjoying and celebrating the culture
through cinema, music, theater,
dance, art, literature, poetry,
food tastings, fashion shows...
Drawing on the culture’s past for
ideas on improving our future
through discussions, brainstorming
sessions, competitions...

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Partners, Locations & Sponsors

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New York English Academy

Festival Founder & Organizer

Regione Toscana


Comune di Pisa



Città di Lucca


(In alphabetical order)

Arnèra Cooperativa Sociale

Fondazione Arpa

Associazione Dopolavoro Ferroviario

Associazione The Thing

Cineforum Ezechiele 25,17

Cinema Arsenale

Cinema Lanteri

Circolo Masini

CISP -Centro Interdisciplinare "Scienze per la Pace" (UniPi)

Dipartimento di civiltà e forme del sapere (UniPi)

Florence Gospel Choir School

Florence Gospel Fellowship International


Gravepine Editions

Media Partner

La Ribalta Teatro

Lucca Center of Contemporary Art

Officine Garibaldi

Palazzo Blu

Pisa Jazz Festival

Teatro del Giglio

Teatro Verdi

Teatro Nuovo

Teatro Rossi Aperto

The Florentine

Media Partner

Università di Pisa